That'll be the day

Kirsty Mitchell - Vocals

I am the founder member of the band and have been singing under the 'That'll be the Day' name for 11 years now. 

My main loves are good old Rock 'n' Roll, Rock-a-Billy and pretty much all of the 60's & 70's musical styles, but can be tempted to branch into the latest chart hits if the song suits.

The band has had quite a few members over the years but in my opinion this is the best line-up we've ever had, very talented musicians with a sense of humour as well "can only be a good thing".

I live for my music, it's like my form of therapy and I love making people smile and sing along.

Can't wait to get my teeth into 2018 and will hopefully see you at a venue soon.

Ray Heavens - Guitar

I've been playing guitar for various bands for over 33 yrs covering many genres of music. I've played some amazing gigs over the years including playing in Germany and France.

I retired from music 2 yrs ago, due to life getting in the way, but now I've got the bug again 'once a musician always a musician' and have joined these wonderful people to bring some good ole' Rock 'n' Roll back to Devon.

Most people recognise me for playing my beautiful blue Manson Stratocaster, but she's now retired and I'm touting a real Rock-a-Billy Gretsch White Falcon so ear plugs in people, she's a beast.

Hope to see you soon at a local music venue.

Ian Fanson - Bass

I've played in local Exeter bands in the sixties, then had a long gap. 

Resumed playing again in the the late nineties until about 
2009, about 15 years in total.

Apart from playing the bass I love motorbikes, and am presently the proud owner of a Triumph America Bonneville,
which I look forward to riding as much as possible.

I also sail my own 27ft yacht, good for chilling out on after playing gigs with this lot. 

Mike Hughes - Drums

I'm the Daddy of the Band keeping this lot in check and enjoying the music.

I have been playing drums for over 50 years and have played in most situations, I love this band as we are all friends and also very talented musicians.

I have a affinity with Rock 'n' Roll music as it has that infectious beat and is still very relevant today, this proven by the amount of younger people coming to our gigs and most seem to known all the words as well !

I'm looking forward to 2018 and all that it brings


Telephone: 07460 936096   email: